Sandrine Dickel is a visual artist. Through her paintings and drawings, Sandrine explores the fragility and complexity of human existence. Playing with transparency and layers, she often leaves part of her painting unsaid and offers a place for the viewer to imagine their own stories. Sandrine’s use of lights, colors, strokes or movement reflects an exacerbated sensitivity and a great finesse of perception. The characters that inhabit her paintings are anonymous but strongly related to each other. 

In the last two years, her work questions passing time and the state of our feelings. Inspired by Renaissance masters, dreams and her personal history, she revisits femininity, motherhood, sorority, solace and compassion. Sandrine did a lot of self-portraits, engaging a conversation without words with herself and the other. She fonds that revealing her inner landscape makes you both vulnerable and stronger.


Sandrine Dickel is a French visual artist who lives and works in Toronto. Following her passion, she devoted herself to art in 2017 after having worked for 25 years in domains very far from art. She studied in London UK, New-York and Toronto.

She exhibits regularly and has recently shown her work in Leslie Grove Gallery and Nelson Park Creative Center. She is open to commissions.

“A day in the life” with French Canadian visual artist Sandrine Dickel  In Toronto Guardian July 21

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