Born in 1967 in Paris, mother of 3 children, I worked for 30 years in domains very far from art.

Arrived at the end of 2016 in London UK, I decided to devote myself completely and passionately to drawing and painting. To discover new practices, I attended courses at the Heatherley School of Fine Arts, especially with the painter George Levantis. The “open studio”, traditional French atelier system with life model, has nurtured my practice of drawing. I discovered the pleasure of drawing bodies, of marking a line or the movement of bodies. My inspirations are multiple but Egon Schiele’s work has a key part. Deconstruction, movement and a form of violence in the works of Francis Bacon or Jenny Saville touch me too.

I explore the movement, the light, the materials, I question, I experiment in a world of uncertainty. The dust of charcoal and pastels, the fluidity and lack of control of the ink, the touch of the crumpled paper and transparency are all paths to follow. Autoditact, I like mixing materials and techniques, pastel and painting, ink and charcoal, and sometimes the unexpected ways are curious and the outcomes inspiring.

Recently based in Toronto, I paint and draw in my studio and attend “life model” workshops at the AGO Art Ontario Gallery or in the TSA Toronto School of Art.

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